Thank you for visiting my page!  My name is Bryan and I am a photography enthusiast living in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.  I created this webpage as a college assignment while I completed my Associates Degree in Photography.   Prior to pursuing my photography degree I completed a twenty year career in the United States Marine Corps.

I discovered my interest in photography a bit later than most.  It actually didn’t manifest itself until I purchased my first point and shoot digital camera when I was stationed in North Carolina.  After a photo outing I showed a friend some of my images and she immediately asked for a couple so she could have them printed and hung them in her home as decoration.  I continued to play around off and on as one of my many hobbies at the time.  After leaving the Marines and entering the work force for a few years I decided to purchase my first DSLR.  I began to spend more and more time behind the lens until that became my happy place.  As my interest in photography grew I decided I wanted to use my educational benefits from the military to pursue a degree in Photography.  My focus isn’t specifically to begin a photography business but instead to experience many facets of photography and discover what are my favorites and become the best photographer I can be.

Currently I classify myself as a fine art nature photographer.  I love landscapes and dramatic clouds.  I will venture out to capture lightning in thunderstorms.  Often I head out to capture the tiniest details in nature, the lines in the leaves and dew drops on flower petals.  I don’t limit myself though.  Often I will head into the city and shoot architecture and try my hand at street photography.  My experience with product photography is limited but expanding as are my portraits.

So that is where this site stands for now.  It has been created to showcase some of my work.  As things progress I hope to add links were visitors can purchase my art if they desire.  No one knows what the future holds.  I ponder that old saying, “Do something you love and you won’t work a day in your life.”  Unfortunately, I have seen many who take that approach and end up resenting that which they once loved.  I refuse to sacrifice this pastime to the constant pressures of deadlines, clients, and invoices.

Photography is more than just a hobby or potential job.  Life is never easy and for me, photography is my therapy.  When you are walking through the forest or driving around in the countryside it is the journey, not the destination.  You actually stop and SEE the things around you.  For me it is a reminder of my core belief, there is a Creator, a Great God who loves us and build this amazing world on which we live.  From the tiny details of a leaf, which add to the tree, which adds to the forest, which adds to the mountain.  To me this could never happen by chance.  I hope you enjoy what I have chosen to share.

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